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This set of funny, cuddly tablet protectors is designed especially for kids. Choose your favorite character, insert the tablet and play!
Beautifully Designed Wise-Pet App! Available for all Apple & Android devices
Beautifully Designed Wise-Pet App! Search for “wisepet” in the App Store or Google Play
Personalized Experience for Each Child Complete Wise-Pet Experience
App personalized according to the child’s age,
 gender and language.
Select your favorite Wise-Pet!
Funny Faces Record & Play
Bring to life 14 unique faces and watch them
move as you talk.
Record yourself and listen to Wise-Pet repeat
after you in a silly voice
Sleep Mode Funny Reactions
When Wise-Pet is Sleepy You’ll hear his cute snore 
and wonder what he is dreaming about
When left alone, Wise-Pet gets bored and finds
funny ways to amuse himself
(Like blow up bubble gum...)
Pick-a-Boo Bubble-Pop Game
Turn the Wise-Pet’s face down and then back up.
It’s SO funny!
Pop the bubbles coming out of the bathtub
to win points.
Videos Mode Wise-Pet Becomes Dizzy
YouTube videos and songs selected especially
for each child.
When tilted to the sides, objects start
falling on him!
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Game Many New Features Coming Soon!
Touch the stars to light them up as they
fall from the sky and earn points